Registered Pelvic Health Physiotherapist 
Hypopressives® Trainer
Yoga Instructor and Instructor Trainer

Julia is a registered pelvic health physiotherapist, yoga instructor, and Hypopressives trainer. She is also faculty for the Modo Yoga International teacher trainings and leads continuing education for yoga instructors, massage therapists and personal trainers. She blends current physiotherapy knowledge with therapeutic yoga and therapeutic exercise techniques to help clients move and feel better! A former elite athlete and long-time weight lifter and yoga practitioner she believes in the benefit of moving well and moving often for our overall physical and mental health.



Julia takes a biopsychosocial approach to post-partum health, pelvic pain and peristent pain. 
Pelvic health physiotherapy is highly effective in the treatment of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, pelvic organ prolapse, lower back and pelvic pain and is the first line of treatment to seek for these concerns. Julia can assess and treat both in-person and via virtual session. 



What is Hypopressives® Training?

The HYPOPRESSIVE® techniques were created in Europe in the early 1980s with the goal of helping postnatal women prevent and recover from pelvic floor dysfunctions such as incontinence and prolapse. From the outset, the objective was to develop a global approach to core health through the creation of a conditioning technique that would benefit the whole core system, and eliminate the injuries caused by detrimental pressure to the pelvic floor (as is so often the case with traditional abdominal exercises).

The term ‘HYPOpressive’ refers to a decrease or reduction in pressure. This form of exercise reduces pressure to the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities, where traditional exercises, abdominal training, gravity, as well as the majority of our daily activities are HYPERpressive – they increase intra-abdominal pressure.  It is not to say that doing these everyday activities are bad for us, in fact most of what we do - even walking - increases this internal pressure. What we need to address is how well our bodies are able to manage these pressures and prevent the onset of injury/dysfunction.
This may be utilized as part of your physiotherapy treatment in person or virtually (in Ontario) OR you can book a session from anywhere in the world virtually (non-PT appointment). 

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Julia takes a scientific and therapeutic approach to yoga to help people find their own unique path in the practice. Yoga can be an excellent movement and mindfulness practice to help people move with more ease and less pain. Working one-to-one with Julia can help you gain confidence to attend any group yoga class safely or to feel more confident in your own home practice. This may be utilized as part of your physiotherapy offering in-perosn or virtually (in Ontario). Or can be booked anywhere in the world virtually (non PT offering).

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Julia hosts continuing education for yoga teachers, registered massage therapists and keen yoga practitioners through online learning. Workshops and courses available live via Zoom, in person at Modo Yoga St. Catharine or via recorded sessions for purchase. She is also on the faculty teaching Functional Anatomy for the Modo Yoga Level 1 Yoga Teacher Certification.

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